Condo and Cleaning Services of Myrtle Beach

ECS 2022 Changes/Billing Rates/Improvements
  • Your new billing structure, effective 1/1/2022 and good through 12/31/2023, is as follows:
  • This letter will serve as the only agreement that will be in effect as of 1/1/2022.
  • Late fees will be strictly "reminded" on invoices. We understand an email or notification can easily be missed, this is why we send reminders. We hope to prevent ANY additional fees! Our late fee policy is on each invoice.
  • Investigative Maintenance Service call will be $55.00
  • ALL pillows shall be covered with pillow cases as long as all pillows are on a bed when the beds are changed.
  • If pillows are stained/dirty, they will be replaced at $7.50 per pillow.
  • Sleeper Sofa Packs no longer be optional. If your unit has a Sleeper Sofa or Murphy Bed, linens will be left each clean.
  • All comforters and Mattress covers/mats will be cleaned as needed. We will bring them to the shop and return them during the next cleaning.
  • Blankets shall be cleaned as needed. We will bring the blankets to the shop and return them after cleaning during the next cleaning.
  • Blankets delivered to a unit that does not have enough blankets or at the request of a guest, there will be a $45.00 trip charge plus the cost of the blanket provided.
  • The cleaners will no longer be replacing the AC Filters, this will be scheduled on a 6 to 8 week cycle. If there are filters in the units, there will be no additional charge… if there are no filters in the units, there will be $45.00 trip/materials charge for standard filters. Specialty filters will be charged accordingly.
  • All standard lights bulbs will be replaced as needed at no additional cost. These are standard 60 watt LED light bulbs. Specialty light bulbs will be replaced as needed at cost of light bulbs plus a $35.00 trip/materials charge. All clients shall be notified of any bulbs needing to be replaced whenever the cleaners report it. No light bulbs or costs associated with light bulb replacement shall be charged until client grants approval to do so.
  • $25.00 Owner Discounts will continue through 2023: We will reduce the cost of the cleaning when owners stay we perform the exit clean when the Owners leave..
  • Either party may provide 30 days notice to stop any and all services at any time.
 If a dishwasher has been run, but still has dishes in it when the cleaners arrive, the cleaners will put the dishes away. There will be no additional charge for this services unless it starts to become something that happen often with the same units. At that time the owner and ECS will have a conversation to address this issue.​