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We have A LOT of news!
  • We will be using a new email address as soon as everyone confirms they have the new email.
  • Due to keeping up with the economy, pricing will change come spring season. I will of course give everyone a heads up before that happens.
  • PAYMENTS!!! We may not continue using PayPal. This is for many reasons that I have debated on very long and thoroughly. 
  • As of now we prefer checks, money order, direct deposit, or Zelle. If you wish to continue paying paypal until we make a final decision you may. They have recently gone from basically free to taking 4% of all payments + fees. 
Now for the good NEWS!
We have totally revamped our company. I want to thank everyone for sticking with us through last year and my trying times. We all have Amy to thank for getting us through!
I will continue to update the site and am back working fulltime!
We are so excited to start the year off and looking forward to great upcoming seasons!!
Kind Regards, Taylor Guess