Maintenance Prices:

Service Charge: This is to get maintenance to go to the unit, see what is wrong and, it can be fixed quickly, fix it… Service charge applies to all maintenance calls: Pricing does not include charges for parts or materials.


Any and all trips to Loews or Home Depot will be charged a Trip charge of:


Repair/change out flapper valve in toilet:


Repair/replace toilet handle:


Repair/replace Fill valve inside toilet:


Repair/replace Tank to Toilet seal/gasket and both bolt washers:


Repair/replace Wax Seal Ring in toilet:


Remove/Install microwave oven:


Remove/replace kitchen faucet:


Remove/replace vanity faucet:


Remove/replace bathroom fan/light:


Remove/replace entire toilet:


Remove/install new shower curtain rod:


Remove/install new door knob on interior door:


For items not listed or for general maintenance: labor will be billed at $37.50/ hour. Time starts upon arrival and concludes on departure of the Maintenance Staff.